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Mini Golf Worlds

Available World Wide!

Mini Golf Worlds, the way multiplayer mini golf was meant to be, Friendly and Fun!


Mini Golf World - Change Log

Please report any and all bugs to so I can fix them!


Version 1.6.734

Rollout date: 30th March 2022

  • New Language support: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese

  • New Early Birdie Deal discount

  • New Music

  • Improved UI

  • Improved Sound Effects

  • Crash fixes

  • Bug fixes

  • Optimisations

Version 1.5.609

Rollout date: 3rd July 2021

  • Fixed crash that sometimes occurs at the end of games. Some games may get abandoned as a result of the already broken games though.

  • Physics of wall collisions are a lot more consistent and predictable particularly on Labyrinth levels.

  • Reduced ad frequency. There was a bug that resulted in ads being shown almost every game which was never the intention.

Version 1.5.600

Rollout date: 3rd July 2021

  • Fixed UI issues relating to iPhone X notch.

  • Added match options menu

    • Forfeit Match. You can leave a match and take the loss to free up more game slots.

    • Abandon Match. If your opponent has not yet started the game, you can abandon the match without taking a loss to free up a game slot.

    • Exit to Menu. Exit back to the menu at any time.

  • Updated on boarding of new players to​ increase the number of players that play back turns.

  • Changed game timeout times to help increase the number of active games.

  • Added Remove Ads IAP too scorecard to make it more accessible to players.

  • Fixed bug where the game would not allow you to continue taking your turn as a result of the ball getting stuck.

  • Crash fixes.

  • Bug fixes.

Version 1.5.510

Rollout date: 25th June 2021

  • New camera controls. Pinch to zoom, two fingers to pan, double tap to refocus and quick zoom in and out.

  • New in game UI to make it easier to use power ups and see the current game's scorecard.

  • Crash fixes

  • Bug fixes

Version 1.5.498

Rollout date: 21st June 2021

  • Fixed bad word filter for bad player names on leaderboards

  • Added in app rating and review prompts

  • Crash fixes

  • Bug fixes

Version 1.5.484

Rollout date: 10th June 2021

  • Added Facebook sign in

    • Secure your account with Facebook.

    • Find friends also playing and logged in with Facebook.

  • Fixed friend score targets on event scorecards.​

  • Fixed crash bugs.

  • Added personalised Ads options.

  • Other minor bug fixes.

Version 1.5.445

Rollout date: 27th May 2021

  • Fixed friends profiles not loading sometimes.

  • Fixed crash on event leaderboards screens.

  • Added review button to settings screen.

  • Slight physics change to fix extremely bouncy objects on some levels. Replays may not look correct until everyone updates.

  • Other minor bug fixes.

Version 1.5.443

Rollout date: 19th May 2021

  • Added abandon match option for matches that have not found an opponent.

  • Changed free coins ad to once every 2 hours for 100 coins.

  • Fixed ads displaying incorrectly and when they weren't meant too.

  • Allow rematch when there are games waiting for opponents.

  • Crash and bug fixes.

Version 1.5.419

Rollout date: 14th May 2021

  • Added Match of the Day - Automatically matched opponent, every day.

  • Added King of the World event.

  • Added Hall of Fame event. - Lists season champions. All previous season champions are listed already.

  • Complete redesign of the user interface.

  • Added friends list.

  • Added sharing of unlocked worlds with friends you are playing against.

  • New avatars. - Unlock avatars by unlocking the associated world and completing goals.

  • You can now take the first shot when rematching or playing a friend.

Version 1.4.345

Rollout date: 18th November 2020

  • Removed Halloween icon.

  • Fixed push notifications on Android.

  • Fixed holes not appearing on some levels.

Version 1.4.33x

Rollout date: 19th October 2020

  • New Fright Night course released for Halloween!

  • Tweaked physics so hills are a bit easier to climb and water is easier to cross.

  • Added activated indicators for power ups.

  • Added addition tutorial helping hands.

  • Added a child appropriate ads option in settings so parents can play Mini Golf with their children without any unwanted surprises!

  • Fixed power up activation bugs when restoring a game part way through a turn.

  • Added a pause menu in head to head matches and tournaments.

  • Added scorecard in pause menu so you can recheck the scores during your turn.

  • Added more sound effects to the UI.

  • Balanced the audio volume quieter. 

  • Removed test ad buttons from debug menu.

  • Added ability to skip rewarded video ads but the reward is not granted when skipped.

Version 1.3.303

Rollout date: 16th September 2020

  • Water visuals updated.

  • Putting arrow visual updated.

  • Frame rate optimisations.

  • Battery consumption reduced.

  • Crash fix for occasional crash on app start.

  • Fixed matches not timing out.

  • Added bad word filter to player names.

  • Daily Cup and Season screen improvements.

    • Better score caching for less data use.​

    • Total player count displayed.

    • Readability improvements.

  • Added new putt arrow graphic

  • Fixed results popup for Daily Cup and Season showing the incorrect prize for players outside the top 3.

Version 1.3.287

Rollout date: 8th September 2020

  • Fixed Daily Cup scores refreshing when Daily Cup rolls over to new day.

  • Fixed Daily Cup not offing free when Daily Cup rolls over to new day.

  • Fixed Season rewards and season leaderboard reset at the end of the season.

  • Fixed Season name in the season results popup.

  • Fixed Season and Tournament results popup appearing when logging out and back in.

  • Fixed opponent profiles not updating immediately when joining a new game.

  • Fixed nudging

  • Fixed nudge minimum time between nudges. 4 hours minimum.

  • Added notification to remind you if you leave a turn incomplete

Version 1.3.279

Rollout date: 5th September 2020

  • Added nudge button to prompt opponents to take their turn. Limited to one nudge every 4 hours per opponent.

  • Added extended tutorial.

  • Added login option if you skip the tutorial.

  • Added rate app button if not yet rated.

  • Added community button that opens the forums.

  • Fixed match timeout issues where matches would timeout before they were meant too.

  • Fixed settings button on the Daily Cup screen.

  • Fixed banner ad sometimes appearing where it is not meant to.

  • Mix n Match games will not match with games from any world for the time being until there is critical mass of users playing other worlds.

  • Bug fixes.

  • Crash fixes.

Version 1.3.226

Rollout date: 27th August 2020

  • Fixed crash bug in daily cup

  • Fixed many other minor bugs to do with scores displaying incorrectly

  • Fixed season and daily cup prize reward popup appearing incorrectly

  • Fixed button links to shop

  • Fixed coins counters displaying the wrong value after playing a pass and play game

  • Fixed pass and play coin counter when returning to a pass and play match

Version 1.3.221

Rollout date: 25th August 2020

  • Fixed rematch option after pass and play game. It no longer creates an online game.

  • Fixed Cannon touch trigger. Sometimes it use to not detect a touch making them inaccurate.

  • Added Daily Cup so you can play a daily course in a more single player experience that is still ranked against real players around the world.

  • Added Seasons. Build your ranking over a month-long period in both daily cups and 1v1 games to earn prizes.

  • Added Power Ups.

  • Added coin collection mechanics.

  • Added in app purchases for coins.

  • Added rewarded video ad for free coins.

  • Improved UI on many aspect ratios and different devices.

Version 1.2.200 - Android

Rollout date: 19th June 2020

  • Fixed water rendering on android!

Version 1.2.192

Rollout date: 16th June 2020

  • Fixed Challenge Friend. You can challenge people again!

  • Added new premium world, Pyramid Playground and in app purchase to unlock it.

  • Added remove ads purchase. Removes banner ads and forced ads between turns.

  • Added better looking world select screen.

  • Added match refresh indicator on app launch as matches are refreshed automatically on app launch.

  • Fixed bug where some turns would get deleted during a game forcing you to replay them.

  • Fi xed Mix And Match sometimes selecting the same hole twice in one match.

  • Renamed Snakes and Temples to Labyrinth. More level development for this world is to come in future.

  • Added Android back button support. Back button also prompts user to exit the app when on the games list screen.

  • Fixed ambient flame audio volume being too loud.

  • Fixed minor audio bugs.

  • Fixed games not ordering in the games list correctly.

  • Made sand easier to putt out of.

  • 8 new player avatars.

Version 1.1.x

Rollout date: 1st June 2020

  • Fixed some more login and changing user issues.

  • Added world select menu first pass. It's ugly but it functions.

  • Added match versioning system to aid preventing problems when upgrading app versions.

Version 1.0.145

Rollout date: 25th May 2020

  • Fixed rate app popup appearing once per app launch.

  • Fixed help text for online game mode.

  • Fixed a bunch of logout login issues using 'device Id' login.

  • Fixed never ending loading popup when not linking device on login.

  • Added password recovery option to login with email screen.

  • Added some extra analytics to help track down issues.

Version 1.0.12x

Rollout date: 21st May 2020

  • Fixed audio not restoring mute state on app restart.

  • Fixed iOS crash on exit.

  • Fixed time remaining sped up if exiting replay while replay was sped up.

  • Fixed banner ads appearing during replay and gameplay.

  • Fixed Android not refreshing games for up to 5 minutes.

  • Fixed push notifications on iOS.

  • Fixed iOS not linking directly to Mini Golf Worlds app settings from the notifications button.

  • Added onboarding prompts to help players create a profile, enable notifications and challenge friends.

  • Added help text for game modes to better explain what they are.

  • Added Offline Mode where you can play Pass and Play games while in flight mode. There are still many bugs relating to connection issues or switching in and out of flight mode though.

Version 1.0.0

Rollout date: 15th May 2020

  • Initial open beta release

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