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Mini Golf Worlds

Available World Wide!

Mini Golf Worlds, the way multiplayer mini golf was meant to be, Friendly and Fun!


Future of Mini Golf Worlds

New Worlds

  • We will continue to add new worlds and mechanics to keep your mini golfing fun and interesting.

More Levels

  • More levels will be added over time and the levels used in tournaments and seasons will change over time to keep things fresh.


  • More tournaments will be introduced to give you more to do every time you login.

Seasons and rewards

  • We'll continue to add new rewards and reason to comeback and improve in the season rankings.

Power ups and upgrades

  • We're developing new clubs, balls and other power ups for you to collect and upgrade.

Stay up to date

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Be part of the discussion! Join our community and help shape the future of Mini Golf Worlds by joining our forum! Here you can add suggestions and feedback to help us make Mini Golf Worlds the best game it can be. Join the Forums!

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