Soft Launch

Last Updated: 15th May 2020

Mini Golf Worlds had been rolled out on iOS and Android in the USA, UK, Canada, New Zealand and Australia!

Mini Golf Worlds

Available in USA, UK, Canada, New Zealand and Australia

Mini Golf Worlds, the way multiplayer mini golf was meant to be, Friendly and Fun!


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Future Additions

New World (Release TBD)

  • New world and levels to go with it. Stay tuned for more info.

More Levels (Release TBD)

  • More levels and variety for current worlds.

Tournaments (Release TBD)

  • Test your skills in daily tournaments and compete against mini golfers all around the world

Seasons (Release TBD)

  • Build your ranking vs other players and win great prizes each month!

Power-ups (Release TBD)

  • Power-ups won't be pay to win, instead they will open up more choices and ways to navigate levels and allow for new strategies for you to defeat opponents or show off awesome trick-shots to friends!

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